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Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to file TDR in IRCTC

What is TDR ? How to File TDR Online in IRCTC?

This article is going to explain you about TDR. TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt. That is submitting your ticket and getting refund on the untraveled ticket of IRCTC.

If you are unable to make the journey or you could not cancel the ticket after chart preparation but still you can get the refund on your ticket by filing TDR.

How it works ?
In the train TTE will be noting down in the passenger list that the specific berth/seat passenger is not traveled. Then the berth/seat will be allotted to any RAC person.

This chart will be handed over to Indian railway back office once the train reaches the Destination station. There the passenger who has not traveled will be uploaded in the system. Once we file TDR on the particular PNR no, this will be matched and refund is given if it is correct. Fraudulent TDR filing is prohibited.

You should file TDR within 30 days of your date of journey.

Passenger can file TDR for the following 8 reasons.
  • Train Cancelled By Railways and Passenger Not Traveled.
  • Train running Late by More than Three hours.
  • Difference of Fare in case proper coach not attached.
  • AC Failure
  • Traveled without proper ID proof
  • Wrongly charged by TTE
  • Party partially traveled - If you get down in between the travel. Should inform TTE about this.
  • Passenger Not traveled
 How to file TDR for the tickets booked in ticket counter?

We can get the TDR forms in the ticket counter. Fill the form and attach the tickets with the form and submit in the counter.

 How to file TDR for the tickets booked in IRCTC?

1. Login to IRCTC website.

2. You can find the 'File TDR' link under 'My transactions' menu and in the first page after you login.

3. Then the File TDR page will show the list of tickets to File TDR. Select your ticket correctly and click on File TDR button. Please remember to select the correct ticket. Because this page will list down the tickets which you traveled as well. So be careful else that will be a fraudulent claim and may lead to block your IRCTC  userid.

4. The next page will display the ticket details. Pls verify the details carefully and ensure you are claiming for the correct ticket. Then select the reason for TDR.
Select  'Passenger not travelled' - To claim for not traveling.

 5. TDR processing will take 2-3 weeks to credit back the amount in Bank account / Credit card account.
 To check the status of the TDR you can check the status in 'TDR History' link under 'My transactions' menu.
Select the PNR No and click on 'Check status' button.

6. In the next page we can check the TDR status and Refund status.


  1. Do you think railways provide refund or they just make fool as in only increasing the railway ticket prices and not giving the refund.Please revert if am wrong

  2. i applied it for the first time today...lets c whts the output. though they have mentioned on the site that it will b refunded in 2-3 weeks...hope not to experince same like prasoon ish....JAY...

  3. If want to file tdr as I dont want to travel and the train is due next day, when should I file it? The prev day itself, or before 2 hours of train's departure? Train's departure from my travel source or train's starting point?


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