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Monday, April 23, 2012

Review of IRCTC Mobile ticket booking

Travel Advisor tried IRCTC Mobile ticket booking on the mobile. So we are happy to share the steps, tips, look and feel of IRCTC Mobile ticket booking. Hope this helps the IRCTC Mobile websites for easy ticket booking.

This review contains the screen shots of All the screens in IRCTC mobile website.The complete guide of IRCTC Mobile website to book tickets.

1) This is the login page of the IRCTC Mobile website. The site address is
. You need to login with your existing IRCTC User id and Password.

2) The next page shows three options.
  • Book Ticket / Enquiry
  • Booked History
  • Cancel Ticket

Booking a normal ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
3) Click on the link Book Ticket / Enquiry to book or enquiry of availability. The page title is 'Plan my travel' . Fill the details of the journey 'From station' and 'To' station. Then select the class of the train.

4) If you know the Station code of the Station you can directly give otherwise give the city name and click 'Get code' button to get the Station code of the city you have given.

 5) Click on the 'Train list' button to show the availabe trains on the Departure day.

6) Select your train and click on 'Availabilty' button to see only the total vacant berths/seats available. Click on 'Route' to show your selected Train's route. Click on 'Book ticket' to book tickets.

7) The next page will open to select the Passengers for ticket booking. You cannot give the name which are not added in the Passenger list. So if you want to book ticket for the new person then you need to add the new passenger in the 'Add passenger' page. Then proceed to ticket  booking.

8) This page shows the 'Add passenger' where you can add your passenger list. Better you add all your family members at one shot to avoid the last minute rush when booking ticket. The Date of birth given for the passenger is used to consider whether a passenger is the 'Senior citizen' or not automatically. Based on the Berth preference given here the Berth will be allotted so select lower berth for the aged people in your family.

9) The next page will contain the details of your Journey for your verification and the current availability. The ticket charges , service charges , Total amount are shown here. You can give the mobile no to get your ticket in SMS . Then the 'Payment options' list contains only currently 'Citibank'. Once the Citibank payment gateway page is open  there you can change the option as 'Other bank Credit / Debit card' like the below.

 10) Once you are thru with the Payment gateway by giving your card details and internet password  the ticket details will be displayed in the screen.

Booking history on IRCTC Mobile website :
11) The Booked history page shows the tickets booked already. Only the PNR no and Date of journey will be displayed. Only the latest 10 tickets will be displayed here.

12) Click on the PNR No link to get your ticket details.

Cancelling the ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
13) The Cancel ticket page shows the PNR No and Date of journey. Only the latest 10 tickets will be displayed here. Click on the PNR link which you want to cancel the ticket. Select the Passenger to whom the ticket to be cancelled. And click on Cancel ticket. Your money will be refunded to your Bank account as the normal procedure.

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
14) In the Book ticket / Plan my travel page Select the Quota as 'Tatkal' .

15) After the train selection in the Passenger list you must provide the ID card details of the All the passengers. Pls DONT provide any junk or false information because this is verified very seriously by the TTEs.

16) Then you can proceed ticket booking similar to normal ticket booking.

17) No refund will be provided on cancellation of Confirmed tatkal ticket. Your refund amount will be shown as Rs.0 . But waitlisted tatkal tickets can be cancelled and the money is refunded as per the rules of IRCTC.

Travel Advisor is the first site that gives the full review of the IRCTC Mobile website.

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