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Monday, April 16, 2012

Places to see at Rameswaram

Rameswaram is the holy place in Hindu religion. The pilgrimage yatra of north part of hindus will start from Varanasi (Kasi) ends at Rameswaram.

There are so many places and temples to visit in and around Rameswaram.

Rameswaram Ramanatha swamy temple :

Ramanatha swamy temple is the main temple of Rameswaram. It is a Shiva(n) temple. The main god shiva is called 'Ramanatha Swamy'. This temple is one of 'Jyotir linga' temple in India. The city Rameswaram located in Ramanathapuram district the Southeastern part of Tamilnadu.  It is an Island the Pamban bridges for Train and Road are connecting the city with Tamilnadu.

The temple is located in the seashore of Bay of Bengal. The temple has so many 'thirthas' - that iswater  wells - The water in each well tastes differently. Inside the temple we can take a bath in each thirtha well with the help of tourist guides.

History of the temple :
As per the epic Ramayana the Linga of the Lord Shiva was worshipped by Lord Rama before going to the war in Srilanka. Later this temple was renovated by Pandiyan Kings and Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy kings.

World famous Third corridor :
The famous Third corridor of this temple was built by Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy Kings. This is the lengthiest hall in Asia. There are totally 1212 pillars in this corridor. Height of the corridor is 22 feet and 7.5 inches.

Ramar patham (Footprint of Load Rama) :
This temple is near Rameswaram on the way to Dhanushkodi. Here we can see the foot print of Lord Rama from where he stood and saw the Lanka.

Ramanatha swamy temple pooja timings :
5.00 am     Palliyarai Deeparadhana
5.10 am     Saptika linga Deeparadhana
5.45 am     Thiruvananthal Deeparadhana
7.00 am     Vila Pooja
10.00 am     Kaalasanthi Pooja
12.00 noon     Uchikala Pooja
6.00 pm     Saayaraksha Pooja
8.30 pm     Ardhajaama Pooja
8.45 pm     Palliyarai Pooja

Pamban bridges or Rameswaram bridges :
There are two bridges which connect Rameswaram and Pamban with Tamilnadu and India. One is the Rail bridge built by British engineers still functioning well. Another is the Road bridge, stoned by Indira gandhi and opened by Rajiv gandhi. The rail bridge will split and open and give a way to medium size ships. It would be the nice experience to see when the bridge gives way to ships.

Pamban Kunthukal Vivekanandar mandapam :
This is the memorial building when Swamy Vivekananthar reached Pamban from Chicago after the religious meeting. Ramanathapuram Sethupathy king helped Vivekananda to attend the conference. So Swamy Vivekananda returned to India via Pamban from USA.

Dhanushkodi :
Dhanushkodi is 25 KMs away from Rameswaram is place which was demolished by the hurricane 1960's. So we can see only the remainings of the buildings. On the way to Dhanushkodi we can see so many small temples of Rama and Anjaneya.

Devipattinam :
Devipattinam is the place of Navagraha temple where the idols of Navagrahas are in middle of the sea. People should walk inside the sea on a small bridge and do pujas here. This navagraha idols also worshipped by Lord Rama. Here we should drop the 'Navadhanya' (9 grains) in the sea to worship the Navagrahas. This place is located 7 KMs away near Ramanathapuram on the Ramanathapuram-Trichy road.

Thirupullani :
This is the vishnu temple the Lord is called 'Athi Jagannatha perumal'. This is the very big temple built by Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy Kings. The idol of Lord vishnu is the biggest one after Srirangam. This temple is located 5 KMs away in East coast road (ECR) from Ramanathapuram - Tuticorin Road.

Uthirakosamangai :
This is the Lord Shiva temple renovated by Ramanathapuram Sethupathy kings. This is one of the 'Pdal petra thalam' means Manickavasagar one of the Nayanmar in 64 others sung/written a song about the Lord shiva of this temple. There is a famous 'Aruthra dharshan' or 'Aruthra dharisanam' function. During this festival the sandal cover of Nataraj idol in Emerald will be removed and pujas will be done. Then again this will be coved with sandal paste. This temple located 7 KMs away from Ramanathapuram - Mudukulathur road.

How to reach Rameswaram :
Mode of Transport :
Trains :
Trains available to Reach Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram.

Varanasi - Rameswaram Express - 14260
Okha - Rameswaram - 16734 - Tuesday
Bhubaneshwar - Rameswaram - 18496 - Friday
Kanyakumari - Rameswaram - 12790 - Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Chennai Egmore - Rameswaram - 16701 - Daily
Chennai Egmore - Rameswaram - 16713 - Daily

Buses :
Tamilnadu Government (TNSTC) and Private buses are available to reach Rameswaram from Chennai.

Onward journey :
Chennai CMBT - Rameswaram - 17:30 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Chennai CMBT - Rameswaram - 17:45 - SETC - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Chennai CMBT - Ramanathapuram - 19:30 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi

Return Journey :
Rameswaram - Chennai CMBT - 16:00 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Rameswaram - Chennai CMBT - 17:00 - SETC - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Ramanathapuram - Chennai CMBT - 20:00 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi

You can book tickets for these buses thru online in .

Also other reservation and unreserved buses available from Chennai CMBT .

The ticket booking offices are available at Chennai CMBT and Rameswaram bus stand.

Private buses :
Private omni buses are also available to reach Ramanathapuram from Chennai CMBT Omni bus terminus. From Ramanathapuram to Rameswaram buses available at every 5 mins.

Chennai - Rameswaram :
Parveen Travels : Non AC Semi sleeper (2+2) - 06:45 PM

Chennai - Ramanathapuram : 
K.K Travels - AC Sleeper (2+1)- 07:30 PM
Universal Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 09:00 PM
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 08:00 PM

Rameswaram - Chennai :
Parveen Travels : Non AC Semi sleeper (2+2) - 06:00 PM

Ramanathapuram - Chennai :
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 06:30 PM
K.K Travels - AC Sleeper (2+1)- 07:00 PM

Book bus tickets online thru .

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