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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IRCTC common issues : Money deducted. Ticket not booked

IRCTC common issues : Money deducted. Ticket not booked

Traveel advisor provides the clear idea about how your money is refunded for the failure transactions in IRCTC.

We always face the problem of slowness in IRCTC site. Sometime it happens when we enter all the details in Payment gateway. We may get the error 'Service unavailable'.

But by that time we would have got the SMS from the bank saying your money is debited for the txn. Dont be panic. Nothing to worry. IRCTC is a genius website which takes care of all there exception situations. IRCTC refunds the money correctlty for the tickets which are not booked.

Yes. Your money will be credited back if your ticket is not booked. If you face this situation first you need to check your Booking history to ensure your ticket is booked or not.

If it is booked no problem you can go ahead with your travel. If not, go to  
My tranactions > Refund status of Failure Transaction .

There your failed transactions are listed. The Pay status will be 'Payment initiated' against your transaction id. After 3 days this status will be changed to 'Payment settled' if your money is debited but ticket is not booked. 'Settlement failed' status will be shown if your money is not debited and ticket also not booked.

If you click on the link on Transaction Id you can get the details about refund in Refund status.

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IRCTC Announcements

Ticket Reservation :
Train ticket booking has been increased from 90 days to 120 days from the Date of journey.

Ticket booking for foreign tourists remains as 365 days.

Valid ID cards for verification during travel for Tatkal and E-tickets :

Voter Id
Pan card
Driving license
Photo id card with serial no provided byState/Central govt
Student Id card with phot issued by College/School
Bank pass book with Photograph issued by Nationalised banks
Credit cards issued by Banks with photo
'Aadhaar' Unique identification card
 Pension pay cards
Ration cards with photo
Senior citizen cards
Below poverty cards with photo
ESI cards with photo
GCHS cards with photo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Consider Auto upgradation in IRCTC : The secret is revealed

Consider Auto upgradation in IRCTC : The secret is revealed

Are you the person who selects the option 'Consider Auto upgradation' when booking the ticket in IRCTC? Do you think that if you select the option your ticket will be consedered for the 'Auto upgradtion' to the next higher grade ?

The fact is 'BIG NO'. Yes. It is true. Hold on. The truth is if you select the option 'Consider Auto upgradation' your ticket is not eligible for upgrade. Surprise ?

Have you ever checked the link given on 'Consider Auto upgradation' in IRCTC ? The following information is given in the pls read this carefully.

" The Class of travel may be upgraded automatically to the next higher class. If you do not want to be considered for upgradation, please check the option box.
This facility is now available on the Internet through "

So dont select 'Consider Auto upgradation'. You are eligible for Auto upgradation by default.

The fact is, selecting 'Consider auto upgradtion' is not considering your ticket for upgradation.

Update on 26-APR-2012 :
Currently IRCTC has either modified their site or changed the info in the screen. Now it tells correctly.

" The Class of travel may be upgraded automatically to the next higher class. If you do not want to be considered for upgradation, please do not check the option box.
This facility is now available on the Internet through "

Pls find the screenshot.

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Review of IRCTC Mobile ticket booking

Travel Advisor tried IRCTC Mobile ticket booking on the mobile. So we are happy to share the steps, tips, look and feel of IRCTC Mobile ticket booking. Hope this helps the IRCTC Mobile websites for easy ticket booking.

This review contains the screen shots of All the screens in IRCTC mobile website.The complete guide of IRCTC Mobile website to book tickets.

1) This is the login page of the IRCTC Mobile website. The site address is
. You need to login with your existing IRCTC User id and Password.

2) The next page shows three options.
  • Book Ticket / Enquiry
  • Booked History
  • Cancel Ticket

Booking a normal ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
3) Click on the link Book Ticket / Enquiry to book or enquiry of availability. The page title is 'Plan my travel' . Fill the details of the journey 'From station' and 'To' station. Then select the class of the train.

4) If you know the Station code of the Station you can directly give otherwise give the city name and click 'Get code' button to get the Station code of the city you have given.

 5) Click on the 'Train list' button to show the availabe trains on the Departure day.

6) Select your train and click on 'Availabilty' button to see only the total vacant berths/seats available. Click on 'Route' to show your selected Train's route. Click on 'Book ticket' to book tickets.

7) The next page will open to select the Passengers for ticket booking. You cannot give the name which are not added in the Passenger list. So if you want to book ticket for the new person then you need to add the new passenger in the 'Add passenger' page. Then proceed to ticket  booking.

8) This page shows the 'Add passenger' where you can add your passenger list. Better you add all your family members at one shot to avoid the last minute rush when booking ticket. The Date of birth given for the passenger is used to consider whether a passenger is the 'Senior citizen' or not automatically. Based on the Berth preference given here the Berth will be allotted so select lower berth for the aged people in your family.

9) The next page will contain the details of your Journey for your verification and the current availability. The ticket charges , service charges , Total amount are shown here. You can give the mobile no to get your ticket in SMS . Then the 'Payment options' list contains only currently 'Citibank'. Once the Citibank payment gateway page is open  there you can change the option as 'Other bank Credit / Debit card' like the below.

 10) Once you are thru with the Payment gateway by giving your card details and internet password  the ticket details will be displayed in the screen.

Booking history on IRCTC Mobile website :
11) The Booked history page shows the tickets booked already. Only the PNR no and Date of journey will be displayed. Only the latest 10 tickets will be displayed here.

12) Click on the PNR No link to get your ticket details.

Cancelling the ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
13) The Cancel ticket page shows the PNR No and Date of journey. Only the latest 10 tickets will be displayed here. Click on the PNR link which you want to cancel the ticket. Select the Passenger to whom the ticket to be cancelled. And click on Cancel ticket. Your money will be refunded to your Bank account as the normal procedure.

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC Mobile website:
14) In the Book ticket / Plan my travel page Select the Quota as 'Tatkal' .

15) After the train selection in the Passenger list you must provide the ID card details of the All the passengers. Pls DONT provide any junk or false information because this is verified very seriously by the TTEs.

16) Then you can proceed ticket booking similar to normal ticket booking.

17) No refund will be provided on cancellation of Confirmed tatkal ticket. Your refund amount will be shown as Rs.0 . But waitlisted tatkal tickets can be cancelled and the money is refunded as per the rules of IRCTC.

Travel Advisor is the first site that gives the full review of the IRCTC Mobile website.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

NGPAY mobile application to book air travel tickets

NGPAY is the mobile application which provides so many services in the mobile itself. It helps to book travel tickets for Air travel also. Agent commission applicable.

Currently the following flight tickets can be booked in your mobile itself.

Air India
Jet Airways

You can download NGPAY Application here.

Travel Advisor rates NGPAY 4/5 for its useful utility services.

                                                                      Screenshot of NGPAY taken in NOKIA 5233 Symbian S60

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Makemytrip Offer ! provides offer to Book Hotel and Flight ticket together and save up to Rs.3000.

Travel Advisor suggests users to avail this offer.

IndiGo and Jet airways withdraw the tie up with

18-Apr-2012 : Indigo and Jet airways withdrew their suppot to book flight tickets from The reason told by the Flight service providers is 'Commercial reasons'. But the original reason is Makemytrip did not include these flight in Opaque pricing.

So Travel Advisor requests the readers to avoid the inconvenience.

Tips to book Tatkal tickets in IRCTC Online

 1. Login to IRCTC website at 8:00 AM on the previous day of travel sharply.

2. In IRCTC, Quickbook will not work to book Tatkal tickets and Opening day tickets (120 days before)

3. Be ready with the ID card details to book Tatkal tickets. It is verified strictly during the travel by TTE so DO NOT give any junk information when booking the ticket.

4. Common errors may come when booking the ticket especially 'SERVICE UNAVAILABLE'. Dont lose the hope. Keep trying.

5. Login to multiple sessions so that any one of the Link will open.

6. Give the correct mobile no when booking the ticket. So that it will be easy to get SMS on your mobile.

7. Dont try to book tickets in any Agent sites (Cleartrip etc) since the Agents cannot book tickets from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.10.

8. You can book tickets on your mobile by logging in to IRCTC Mobile website. This site is faster than normal IRCTC site.

9. Printout of Booked tickets are not mandatory. You can show the messages sent by IRCTC to TTE.

10. Confirmed Tatkal tickets will not be refunded. You can cancel the ticket but no money will be credited back. But Waitlisted Tatkal tickets can be cancelled and refunded.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Places to see at Rameswaram

Rameswaram is the holy place in Hindu religion. The pilgrimage yatra of north part of hindus will start from Varanasi (Kasi) ends at Rameswaram.

There are so many places and temples to visit in and around Rameswaram.

Rameswaram Ramanatha swamy temple :

Ramanatha swamy temple is the main temple of Rameswaram. It is a Shiva(n) temple. The main god shiva is called 'Ramanatha Swamy'. This temple is one of 'Jyotir linga' temple in India. The city Rameswaram located in Ramanathapuram district the Southeastern part of Tamilnadu.  It is an Island the Pamban bridges for Train and Road are connecting the city with Tamilnadu.

The temple is located in the seashore of Bay of Bengal. The temple has so many 'thirthas' - that iswater  wells - The water in each well tastes differently. Inside the temple we can take a bath in each thirtha well with the help of tourist guides.

History of the temple :
As per the epic Ramayana the Linga of the Lord Shiva was worshipped by Lord Rama before going to the war in Srilanka. Later this temple was renovated by Pandiyan Kings and Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy kings.

World famous Third corridor :
The famous Third corridor of this temple was built by Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy Kings. This is the lengthiest hall in Asia. There are totally 1212 pillars in this corridor. Height of the corridor is 22 feet and 7.5 inches.

Ramar patham (Footprint of Load Rama) :
This temple is near Rameswaram on the way to Dhanushkodi. Here we can see the foot print of Lord Rama from where he stood and saw the Lanka.

Ramanatha swamy temple pooja timings :
5.00 am     Palliyarai Deeparadhana
5.10 am     Saptika linga Deeparadhana
5.45 am     Thiruvananthal Deeparadhana
7.00 am     Vila Pooja
10.00 am     Kaalasanthi Pooja
12.00 noon     Uchikala Pooja
6.00 pm     Saayaraksha Pooja
8.30 pm     Ardhajaama Pooja
8.45 pm     Palliyarai Pooja

Pamban bridges or Rameswaram bridges :
There are two bridges which connect Rameswaram and Pamban with Tamilnadu and India. One is the Rail bridge built by British engineers still functioning well. Another is the Road bridge, stoned by Indira gandhi and opened by Rajiv gandhi. The rail bridge will split and open and give a way to medium size ships. It would be the nice experience to see when the bridge gives way to ships.

Pamban Kunthukal Vivekanandar mandapam :
This is the memorial building when Swamy Vivekananthar reached Pamban from Chicago after the religious meeting. Ramanathapuram Sethupathy king helped Vivekananda to attend the conference. So Swamy Vivekananda returned to India via Pamban from USA.

Dhanushkodi :
Dhanushkodi is 25 KMs away from Rameswaram is place which was demolished by the hurricane 1960's. So we can see only the remainings of the buildings. On the way to Dhanushkodi we can see so many small temples of Rama and Anjaneya.

Devipattinam :
Devipattinam is the place of Navagraha temple where the idols of Navagrahas are in middle of the sea. People should walk inside the sea on a small bridge and do pujas here. This navagraha idols also worshipped by Lord Rama. Here we should drop the 'Navadhanya' (9 grains) in the sea to worship the Navagrahas. This place is located 7 KMs away near Ramanathapuram on the Ramanathapuram-Trichy road.

Thirupullani :
This is the vishnu temple the Lord is called 'Athi Jagannatha perumal'. This is the very big temple built by Ramanathapuram samasthanam Sethupathy Kings. The idol of Lord vishnu is the biggest one after Srirangam. This temple is located 5 KMs away in East coast road (ECR) from Ramanathapuram - Tuticorin Road.

Uthirakosamangai :
This is the Lord Shiva temple renovated by Ramanathapuram Sethupathy kings. This is one of the 'Pdal petra thalam' means Manickavasagar one of the Nayanmar in 64 others sung/written a song about the Lord shiva of this temple. There is a famous 'Aruthra dharshan' or 'Aruthra dharisanam' function. During this festival the sandal cover of Nataraj idol in Emerald will be removed and pujas will be done. Then again this will be coved with sandal paste. This temple located 7 KMs away from Ramanathapuram - Mudukulathur road.

How to reach Rameswaram :
Mode of Transport :
Trains :
Trains available to Reach Ramanathapuram and Rameswaram.

Varanasi - Rameswaram Express - 14260
Okha - Rameswaram - 16734 - Tuesday
Bhubaneshwar - Rameswaram - 18496 - Friday
Kanyakumari - Rameswaram - 12790 - Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Chennai Egmore - Rameswaram - 16701 - Daily
Chennai Egmore - Rameswaram - 16713 - Daily

Buses :
Tamilnadu Government (TNSTC) and Private buses are available to reach Rameswaram from Chennai.

Onward journey :
Chennai CMBT - Rameswaram - 17:30 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Chennai CMBT - Rameswaram - 17:45 - SETC - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Chennai CMBT - Ramanathapuram - 19:30 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi

Return Journey :
Rameswaram - Chennai CMBT - 16:00 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Rameswaram - Chennai CMBT - 17:00 - SETC - Via Trichy, Karaikudi
Ramanathapuram - Chennai CMBT - 20:00 - TNSTC Kumbakonam - Via Trichy, Karaikudi

You can book tickets for these buses thru online in .

Also other reservation and unreserved buses available from Chennai CMBT .

The ticket booking offices are available at Chennai CMBT and Rameswaram bus stand.

Private buses :
Private omni buses are also available to reach Ramanathapuram from Chennai CMBT Omni bus terminus. From Ramanathapuram to Rameswaram buses available at every 5 mins.

Chennai - Rameswaram :
Parveen Travels : Non AC Semi sleeper (2+2) - 06:45 PM

Chennai - Ramanathapuram : 
K.K Travels - AC Sleeper (2+1)- 07:30 PM
Universal Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 09:00 PM
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 08:00 PM

Rameswaram - Chennai :
Parveen Travels : Non AC Semi sleeper (2+2) - 06:00 PM

Ramanathapuram - Chennai :
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Travels - Non AC Sleeper / Seater (2+1) - 06:30 PM
K.K Travels - AC Sleeper (2+1)- 07:00 PM

Book bus tickets online thru .

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